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The one life God won’t live

January 19, 2017

Yours! Coz it is for you to live. He is willing to involve, guide, but no He won’t live your life. That means you must manage your loves and hates, you must achieve your dreams, search out life. Allow the good to take root. Prevent the bad from getting a foothold. More fundamentally take charge, responsibility. That also means you don’t shove your warped ideas of life on God or Scripture – coz He’s not going to straighten out all your fancies, even if it’s your adamant ideas about Himself or His message. So among other things what this means for you: before you loosen time worn rules, think. Before you harden your heart amid disarray, think. Relaxing or being iron handed about life are really luxuries that FOLLOW (not precede) a deeper grasp of life which of course you humbly depend on God for, to teach you. So there you go, He leads but YOU follow, not He.

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