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Some good abandonment

January 14, 2017

It’s good to be abandoned, ignored, moved past if truth so requires. For to be clinging to the spotlight when it’s leaving would be more humorous and disgraceful than dignifying! It’s best illustrated around J the B 😀 …So J the B was pretty popular, he had his string of fans, and none other than God Himself had singled him out (from birth mind you!) for a superior cause (announcing the Messiah’s arrival). And all these played out just right. But finally the Messiah arrived and now it was time for J the B to recede into the shadows.

Here’s how it happened: All from not a few States around came to hear J the B in the desert, even those most informed of spiritual things (things that had been and were yet to come). Sensing him to be so offbeat, and an unmistakable prophet of God, they pried: Are you the Messiah? Are you Elijah? Are you the Prophet who had to come? Well aware that he was indeed Elijah he said the opposite, “No.” For it was the smaller and less relevant of truths than that the Messiah himself was here. So he cautiously pushed himself into the shadows saying: Oh, I’m just a nameless voice in the desert announcing a grand King’s arrival. The point was this: no, you don’t need me, you need Jesus.

He’d said that not a few times to his disciples. Finally one day Jesus Himself arrived at the Jordan asking John to baptize him. Embarrassed, John deterred him saying it was he who had to be baptized by Jesus instead. Jesus, the king he was, replied in his characteristic honesty: let it be so for now. As John’s disciples watched the exchanges, John the Baptist announced more fully and finally that Jesus indeed was the Lamb of God that was to take away the sins of the world, for this time it was confirmed by a vision (to John which also he announced) as Jesus stepped out of the waters, baptized. This was confirmed with a thunderous voice from heaven to those watching. Beyond doubt Jesus was the greater and John the lesser, John’s own disciples discerned.

So they left John, and Jesus gladly welcomed them. John was left all by himself admirably abandoned. Maybe pinched, but as Truth would have it.

We are subsidiary. Subsidiary to Truth. But in taking just our allotted place in the system of Truth there is no greater dignity!

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