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Pharisaic innocence

January 13, 2017

Even the Pharisee thought of himself as giving: he gave a tithe of his mint, dill and cumin. Except he didn’t realize he was devouring widow’s houses. He thought he was keeping the Sabbath. Except he allowed for his donkey to be lifted out of the pit but refused for a whole infirm adult to be healed on the very day. He fasted, except didn’t feed the hungry. He condemned Jesus, still finding no room to fit Jesus’ limitless good into his baseless lie. He murdered Jesus (for he coldly plotted in the dark how he might rid him) and slew the sacrificial lamb on the day of Atonement! Pharisee, oh Pharisee, how you acquit your guilt and prosecute the good! You n today’s Christian are like image and reflection!

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