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The core

January 10, 2017

Some things in life are basic. They don’t change every day, every year. It’s like brushing your teeth or eating your food. You do it daily, irrespective of how you feel. You can’t do away with them for a sudden craving of novelty. N how much ever you might modify those, ultimately they remain the same. Likewise with life. There is no substitute for hard work. There is no replacement for diligence. Patience, perseverance, persistence will remain basic to life. Day upon day, year upon year we must get back to them. It’s those we begin with and also end with. In all your search for novelty, creativity, something new or different, always make sure you have factored in the basics that don’t change. So you must get used to telling yourself those over and over again, seeing those over and over again, getting back to those ceaselessly.

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