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January 7, 2017

The ruler was against him, so were his own, even his beloved companions abandoned him (for they’d fled him in fear; among the three closest to him one had even denied within audible range that he even/ever knew him, for the third time even calling down curses over those who had insisted on the fact!). So he was branded a criminal, severely beaten/mutilated and finally nailed and lifted on a wooden frame like a most shameful criminal worthily bloodied for public display. But still Jesus was not without comfort: the skies spoke (for the sun turned black and the stars refused to give their light), a fellow convict defended him against one other as spiteful as Jesus’ murderers (he hushed the fool with common-sense, fairness, truth). And even in death, there was a Joseph of Arimathea right from the very Sanhedrin who had not given his consent to the conviction of Jesus who instead went, spoke up before Pilate, requesting Jesus’ body, so he can lay him to rest in dignity (for he gave him a prince’s burial).

No, the righteous will never be forsaken!

Oh, how can I forget that he was brought back to Life!? Yeah, fully n finally vindicated!

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