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September 12, 2016

You begin to do something and figure that to do that well, even merely only do it, you’ve got to do some other things which go before that. In other words things must have already been (set) a certain way for you to begin, which they aren’t! And now as a result you must first set about arranging things to get to that ‘starting point’ before work on the immediate task begins. What do you do, now that you are faced with so many at one go, namely: a nuisance; an obstacle; a better way of doing it; a lasting way of doing it; a cover-up; a formality? Here’s what you should probably be doing: first determine to do it the proper way, next count the time on your hands and then scale up or down accordingly (yep, there was more time than you just allowed!). As much as possible you must determine to come back and finish it up well (actually start it well). Don’t be afraid of being led to clean beginnings. Don’t fear having to be thorough. After all only such efforts last! There’s a Tamil proverb that might be translated like this: what you do, do well.

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