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Black & White

September 8, 2016


Priest Prostitute
Simon – Jesus’ host She – Jesus’ uninvited guest.
He – ‘displayed’ a banquet She – lavished her devotion
He – hated/despised/suspected Jesus She – loved/honored/believed Jesus
Simon – refused Jesus water for his feet She – flooded them (feet) with her tears, wiping them not with a towel but her hair!
He – wouldn’t give Jesus the customary kiss, even on the cheek! She – couldn’t stop kissing. And it was Jesus’ muddy feet!
He – didn’t spare the customary oil on a ‘guest’s’ head She wouldn’t keep back a drop of her precious perfume, she poured it on Jesus’ feet
Simon – loved Jesus little (hated much wouldn’t be overstatement) She – loved much
Simon – was found wanting in Jesus’ judgment She – was unreservedly forgiven by Jesus
Simon – questioned Jesus’ personhood She longed for Jesus’ love and acceptance (i.e. believed Jesus)
Simon remained in his sin She went back forgiven
Black White


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