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No place for truth

June 10, 2016

There is no place for truth especially when there’s something we want in its place. Illustration? Here are many from real life:

  • The chief priests and teachers of the law wanted Jesus killed so they arrested him without a reason.
  • They didn’t allow Jesus to argue his case.
  • Even if he did, they brushed it aside.
  • They dragged him to Pilate (the official leader, because the Jewish council’s decision wasn’t really valid to execute Jesus).
  • Pilate knew all too clearly Jesus had done nothing worthy of death still he spoke clearly siding the Jews (read mob – For to Pilate the politician, of what use was truth on behalf of one man in place of lie on behalf of many?).
  • The people opted Barabbas over Jesus, sinner over a saint.
  • Pilate gave in.
  • ‘What will I do with Jesus then,’ Pilate asked. The people shouted: crucify him.
  • ‘Why?’ shouted back Pilate, ‘For he has done nothing worthy of death?’
  • The people shouted: crucify him.
  • Pilate washed his hands.
  • Jesus was crucified. For that’s what the mob wanted, that’s what the Jewish leaders wanted and that’s what Pilate feared to object.
  • All their cheap desires were in, truth was out.

N here we are some 2000 odd years away, the truth quite intact: Jesus alive, the truth about the fraud out and the lie gone nowhere with its one leg. Your story will quite tag the same line too: Truth or lie. You choose.

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