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The important unimportant thing

May 30, 2016

There are those unimportant things that take away all the attention that can possibly be mustered or channelized. Of course no one could be so dumb as to spend the whole of one’s life on an insignificant thing! But that’s the diabolism, the trickery about the whole arrangement. Coz one is so busy cleaning the outside of the cup and dish, but totally failing to look on the inside. It’s not a bad thing to have a cup all clean on the outside. But to have such a clean looking cup on the outside but one messy inside, is frightful at many levels. Hence it’s a priority. And where the priority is right, there is a beauty about everything, a clean even manageable outside, but a sparkling inside. It’s the principle, the danger, in so much of life: a beautiful house versus a beautiful home, a beautiful now versus a beautiful forever.

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