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May 19, 2016

God wants us to take up responsibility in doing/obeying that which is right. There is no need to hide behind someone bigger or seek a higher endorsement or wait for repeated confirmations or revelation to act on that which is already abundantly clear as right (as if in the hope of being allowed a chance to break the commandment and still be right!). In fact, God is enraged over such hypocrisy. That’s exactly the story of Balaam, the crooked prophet, who was looking for petty gain in bypassing truth. But he pretended to be most willing to follow God’s ‘latest’ commandment when in reality he was unwilling to follow God’s first word. And there was no reason to even remotely suspect God was fickle-minded as a reed swayed by the wind to keep changing his word. It was a craving for illegitimate gain because of which Balaam refused to simply obey the plain word of God. And you know his story…

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