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Losing well

May 9, 2016

Although there is a temptation to think that one might as well have put in less to have lost like that (as in lost ‘well’ or lost smart) this is how it must actually be reckoned:

That although one may not appear to have ‘won,’ one actually didn’t lose as such. That one ‘won’ in other ways, namely won the second place, or a consolation prize at least. That one didn’t lose so badly! (Nothing proves this like a look at the worst performances across time. Coz in this sum one may have won!) That one at least tried/attempted, or participated, has learned something. That one didn’t give up. That one did so much better than still others. Or did exceptionally well in a patch or two.

This is also the reason behind doing well in, doing the maximum for, what is being put in. Coz one is putting it in anyway. And hence one might as well go it all the way. After the prize. For anything got in return is an advantage. And the proverb that says, ‘all hard work brings a profit’ isn’t all wrong. But on the contrary, a half-hearted attempt does leave an aching void at all the loss that was and all the gain that could have been. All this makes a lot of sense especially where it’s a battle to save.

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