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The fool

May 6, 2016

Herod feared John the Baptist as a man sent from God. So though he had J the B imprisoned, he feared harming him. From time to time he heard the noble man’s words, perplexed from their import. But then the fool had no courage to protect the prophet and instead slew the man over a drunken promise. Then when Jesus appeared with his wondrous works Herod said surely John the man I beheaded has come back to life. And so he waited a long time to see Jesus and hoped to have him perform some miraculous sign for him. And then he got the chance! When Jesus came to him as a prisoner, falsely charged by the leading men of Israel. And this time the fool couldn’t fish a word out of Jesus and therefore had him disrobed, dressed in royal red, mocked (in keeping with the charge that he claimed to be King of the Jews) and sent back to Pilot to be killed. I guess it ran in his blood, for Herod’s father was a bigger fool who once attempted to kill Jesus as one among several other infants slaughtered at Bethlehem. How many close brushes with the Greatest Heart ever and all of them squandered! Quite telling of the clan of fools…

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