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The shortcut

May 5, 2016

There are always shortcuts. It’s we who need to search and find it. Ask to get it, seek to find it, knock to have the door opened to us.

Not that Jesus wasn’t unaware of what He Himself was capable of, or what would transpire shortly (for time and again we find him being aware of the future events given his Personhood), he still offered to come to the centurion’s house (to heal his sick servant). But it was to the centurion to find the shorter route to the miracle, with commendation besides! The centurion said: Say the word Lord, and my servant will be healed. And Jesus did that very thing!

It was the same for that lone woman in the milling crowds to eke the healing out of Jesus. It was the same principle that Jesus spotted in a few Old Testament people: the widow of Zarephath who was sent Elijah the prophet and the men of Nineveh who were sent Jonah the prophet.

This was the shortcut: faith.

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