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So sweet

May 4, 2016


He was worn out and weary, tired from exhaustion. So were his disciples. So he called them off to a quiet place. But before the boat they’d rowed off in touched the other side, there they were already: The people with their sick (n yep for…one more time)! Instead of getting frustrated, he loved them and had compassion on them. Because they (the people) were more tired of life than he himself was, he bore their load. And then he sent the disciples off ahead by boat. But knowing they were struggling hard against the obstinate sea, he walked across to them on water to calm the waters and ease their struggle. Every time people brought the sick and possessed to him he felt their pinch, their pain, for he sighed. When the disciples approached the problem (people were the problem!) from harsh reality, he approached them with love. They said eight months’ wages won’t feed this mob so buzz ‘em off Lord, but he said: No, you give them something to eat. The disciples shooed off the little nuisances (children) from troubling the Great Teacher. But Jesus hushed his bigtime assistants and gave his all to those tiny tots. So sweet, so sweet, so sweet of the Man.

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