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To be a man

April 30, 2016

Is to not be like an animal: unthinking, undiscerning, indecisive, merely instinctive. It is to be responsible and in-charge of affairs. It is to be like God, for we are made in his likeness. It is to stand up and attend to the demands of life and not chicken out. It is to be sharp, understanding, insightful, powerful, decisive, responsible, courageous. It is not to be dragged along in the herd, bent on all fours incapable of standing straight, dragged by the first instinctive pull or push, to escape for mere survival. (And all this being said not for disregard of the lesser beings, for indeed they live quite to their potential, but for us humans who fail to be human. We’re invariably getting along with some kind of sub-humanity). Stand up and be who you are: human, the crown princess/prince of all God’s creation.

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