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April 26, 2016

Indeed, the leaders of the faith were eager to protect the honor of their faith, their Temple, even their nation, all promised of God Himself. For things had now come to a head. Jesus had changed enough of their customs, and his arguments in defense were beyond reproach. And to now allow him any more leeway would be to dig their own graves. So they jumped at a neat little solution. As if bought across the counter for a few pennies! They decided to kill Jesus. But yep, they were so blinded by the honor of their own identities that even raw evil seemed nothing disgusting, unethical or inglorious. In fact, it became to them a noble act. For as Chief Priest Caiaphas “prophesied” that it is better that one man die (be murdered i.e.) than that the whole nation perish. And as a pure aside, Lazarus would also be murdered, for far too many were being influenced by his recently being brought back to life. How folly blinds swift as the thrush!

Beware the honor you would so jealously like to protect. You won’t, against truth.

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