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The fool’s mirth

November 19, 2015

We’ve all been there. Where it was the thrill of the folly that gave us a strange delight. Unrestrained we pursued folly and rejoiced in it. Just like the fool. We laughed at everyone who stared at us in stupefied horror at how unbridled, brazen and daring we can be! But before the bat of an eyelid one moment replaces another and time washes away our petty glory. And like a demon reality follows our footsteps. Sure enough, before long, the gavel slams and we shudder at the sight of approaching gallows. It’s Wisdom’s turn to have her laugh. The last laugh. No wonder the laughter of fools has been compared to the noisy crackle of burning thorns under a cooking pot. One pompous crackle n then dead cinders.

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