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Use for kindness

October 12, 2015

There is no need to find a use for kindness. Kindness has invaluable worth of its own. One needn’t expect to put another’s kindness to ‘other’ useful ends. Such as convert a polite friendship or acquaintance into a relationship or a business partnership, although there might be scope for such. If such petty scope was all the estimation (of the value and worth) or end of such kindness, it will swiftly (and invariably) find it’s way into the garbage heap where no such use materializes. More absurdly, if that’s what had lent credibility to all the goodness n kindness, every kind act must have translated into the ultimate human bond, which of course would be the most absurd thing! We can love, be good and kind, just for love/goodness/kindness’ sake. N the ties will automatically approach their pristine heights.

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