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September 16, 2015

When you are mistakenly classed (for reasons of identity/representation) with a group that has faulted or earned a bad reputation, it may not be all that easy to sort through. For you yourself may be innocent, first for not being a true member of that class, and further for not being complicit in that misconduct. But yet, to the other you bear a measure of blame, and that not without reason, e.g. say you’ve been presented as a member without sufficient knowledge of the group’s intent. In such a circumstance, it may be hard to argue a case, find oneself vindicated, prove a point or defend oneself. But yet it isn’t easy to walk around branded guilty. What do you do then? Well, maybe you should just leave it as a tricky circumstance, and as one of those things that can’t be fully sorted at once. We must trust time to bring things to light. Meanwhile we must exercise confidence in our own integrity and dignity and move ahead to fresh pastures. As for those who still hold you guilty? Well, good for them if they work you out, but pity them if they didn’t get back to you even in the name of forgiveness!


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