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September 15, 2015

Sometimes you get that feeling you’re out on that limb by yourself, that nobody has thought about you, cared for you. That you have been uninfluential, making no difference in the lives of people when actually it is untrue. It may be that that day or moment you didn’t occur in the minds of most, even all, but they had recollected you the previous day or week. So looked at against a week (than a day) your assumption was a lie, quite false. Now if based on the false assumption you’d given in to despair and suspended the good in your life you’d have been very wrong. On the contrary if you’d only taken for granted that you were making a positive difference in the lives of others by now you’d have moved from your tiny steps to giant strides. Sometimes they are just drawing inspiration from you from a distance. You are not alone, keep going.


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