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September 6, 2015

Tokens are good in some ways. They help you do it even when you’re unwilling, do it when you’re tired of it, do it when you can’t do much, do it when you aren’t yet convinced but unwilling to quit, do it when you’re still looking for a better argument. They help you hold on. At least they stop you from being unresponsive altogether. Maybe they pose the danger of hypocrisy, maybe nominalism, maybe a rote mechanical mentality but still they equally can be the cause of an awakening, a fresh dawning, renewed purpose and eventual fiery pursuit. When doing is better than not, when holding on is better than not stay at least with a token of that gesture, habit, pursuit.

Well here’s an example: you don’t feel like moving a pin, but for courtesy’s sake offer to help when it appears necessary. If the other desperately needs help they might ask for it. Now circumstance makes you act for the moment but it is at the end you might savour the goodness of that deed. The next time around it is possible there is an ounce of sincerity in the offer. In the end who knows if this might leave one a polished soul like Mother Theresa’s?


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