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Slow n steady

September 5, 2015

Overload can quickly complicate matters. And the way around this is to slowdown. We think it’s possible to do it all in just that lone trip down the stairs. So we try to grab and stuff it all, every item unrealistically piled on, all set up for the disaster only to happen. And so we begin the descent. If we’ve had the concentration of an acrobat we’ve survived the first half down the flight of stairs. But sure enough before we touch level ground, something interrupts, our eye moves, the top most item rocks, and we begin the balancing act. But no, this is no circus. The cheap red herring inaugurates the tumble. Your hand that held the mountain frees up to catch the one falling item before you realize you’ve done a foolish thing. Your back already half-bent now only assists the complete collapse. Pretty soon all your stuff lies scattered leaving your heart beating at which part of the ruin will flush down all the time you planned to save. And none of these would’ve happened had you only planned to exercise your muscle and do two well-managed trips down the stairs. Slow down if you must catch up.

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