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The forgotten drop

August 21, 2015

Little drops make a mighty ocean. But you can’t sit & watch the tiny drops build up to an ocean! Coz it would be overwhelming to think of when all those teeny drops will one day add up to that mighty ocean! So here’s how you do it: just add in that drop for today, for now, for this spell and forget all about it. Postpone expectations of significant change/improvement to later (even drop them for all practical purposes). Don’t bother about the flat tummy, just do your exercise for today, everyday. Don’t bother about cutting butter, chocolate & ice-cream for a month, just do it for today. And leave it. Forget about it. Get on with the rest of your life. Somehow in the busyness of life, in a month, in a year, down the years you’ll catch the ocean rising…Save the drop, tick it off for the day and move on. Someday you will come back not to a forgotten drop, but an ocean.

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