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The edge

August 18, 2015

Which is real? Is it the action that proves/validates/completes thoughts that lie within, or the thought that underlies the action? It is another mystery that might be hard to pin. You love someone but can never express enough. But a claim to possess love without any expression whatsoever is also hard to buy into. But the fluidity need not be contradiction. There can be unity to the matter with enough room/freedom for variation. E.g. You can love and express a good portion of it. You may love but have to do with progressively lesser expressions of it for various justifications. You can give more than you feel. You express less because you feel less. All this I suspect is unity. But here is contradiction: You speak peace with war in your heart. You love deep but show hate (for reasons that can’t be justified). Thankfully making recourse to fatal flaws still holds out an opportunity to switch camp (contradiction to unity I mean). So here’s living on the edge. It’s like surfing a wave. It’s a realm all in your control. But truth has a way of seeping out of every single one of your choices.


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