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Bits & pieces

August 8, 2015

We can’t pick and choose life in bits and pieces. However we might choose to serve for ourselves specific helpings of life, helpings that merely satisfy, please, pat n pet us, life always only comes as a whole. Every helping comes only with reference to the whole. That is exactly why knowledge gives power. Because it is knowledge of how things came to be, what caused it, where it came from, where it might lead. It helps us adapt ourselves better, control things better. This will help us discern truth from error. That is why we have all the academics that seek to understand the insight into matters. Shutting ourselves to the bitter truth will only prolong our misery. Rather it is better to befriend our wounds, befriend our problems, our setbacks, confusions and work with them. Take life warts n all. Patiently facing the truth will give us untold freedom, untold release.


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