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One moment’s rest

July 29, 2015

Those tiny but critical moments we ignore. That pesky little add-on we shove aside, hoping to get some respite. As they say pennywise and pound-foolish. We look for that fleeting moment of rest/relief and put ourselves open for disaster. Yes, maybe you’re packed with a long list of chores, but if you don’t stop to wipe the water on the floor, someone might slip and you could end up breaking your back for a good six months! You could leave that boiling cup of tea within easy reach of a child and live with a lifelong scar. Watch those moments of rest. If you’re tempted to slight a critical interruption, think of all the added moments of backbreaking work it will take. Yeah, life is like that, but you don’t need more hassles, more heartbreak. Take a break, but after a few more minutes maybe?

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