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Freedom & Spontaneity

July 5, 2015

We must discover the joys of freedom. To be unhindered, uninhibited, unlimited, to be all that we can, unafraid, unashamed. Except straying into wrongdoing which of course is a safety check from falling off the cliff. And to be spontaneous: unforced, untaught, unrehearsed, unimaginable, unpredictable.

We do work very hard to grasp and master language (or just about any form) which works as the vehicle for communication, and which might itself contribute to the message, however, the content of the message has a lot more to do with than just the form(s). So I suspect it takes a wee bit of work before you can unleash your best free and spontaneous self. But it’s only like the effort it takes to learn the words and utter, ‘I want ice-cream,’ before you indulge.


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