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Wolf meat

June 11, 2015

They have set themselves up over the flocks, shepherds who are truly wolves. This is what you expect them to do: tend the sheep, feed them, protect them, provide for them. But this is what they do: steal and kill, plunder and pillage, devour and destroy the very sheep they must watch over. But it should not surprise us, for that is exactly what a wolf masquerading as a shepherd will do. But the sheep? They have been asleep far too long. They have allowed themselves to be plundered and looted far too long. They must do so no longer. This is what they must do instead: wake up and prepare for a major banquet. Brace themselves for a ravenous appetite. They need to give up grass and prepare for some fine wolf meat. They need to rise up and stand. Stand to become worthy shepherds who will lead and tend the flock.


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