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A few steps ahead

June 2, 2015

It helps to be looking just a few steps AHEAD. Fix your eyes not on what you’ve come past, nor way ahead into the distant future, but just a few steps AHEAD from where you are at the moment. For some reason, the story of the donkey and the carrot tied to the stick seems to illustrate this point well. The donkey ran a great distance effortlessly because it’s eyes were pretty fixed on the carrot that was so easily accessible. The distance already covered didn’t matter, because the significance/fatigue of that work was lost in the eagerness of covering just that wee little distance ahead to the carrot. Also all those miles ahead didn’t matter because the immediate joy of achievement was so close at hand. This principle helps in covering a journey of two thousand miles. Was it in The Little Prince that I read, ‘from here to there, from there to over there, and from over there to the end of the world’?


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