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Wasted worry

April 27, 2015

You deliberate, guess, suspect, interpret, inspect and forecast a hundred disastrous possibilities. They might come true. Or they might not. Now if you gave up the rest of your life for those disasters you think are now guaranteed, you will lie down in distress. Now let’s say some time passes and your fears don’t come true, what happens? You have wasted a lot of your precious time, you have given it away to needless worry. You then have to pick yourself up where you left off and carry on again. Now on the other hand, if after time passes your fears do come true, what happens? You wake up to the disaster only more affected. At least in spite of the disaster had you gone about business as usual, you would have had other things on your hand. You would have worried less and you would be more prepared to handle the disaster. So you see it is pointless to worry? Take stock of worrisome circumstances, but don’t allow them to paralyze you. Keep moving. You win if the disaster doesn’t happen, you win even if it does.

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  1. Lydia Devasagayam permalink

    Superb piece of writing Jabez. Well said….

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