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Learn to categorize

April 22, 2015

A very important life skill. This is what helps you file, arrange, segregate, store, retrieve and keep a host of other systems in place. Without this, you will not see how to sort the chaos, you will be overwhelmed by the disorder. With this you will always contain and have control over chaos no matter how much. Having this is like having a leash, having reins in your hand. You can keep a charging stallion in check. Learn to work in categories. It is this principle that helps you discern when playfulness is bordering on indiscipline, when attention is a distraction. If you don’t have this, you will fail to stop the disorder, get accustomed to a warped order and eventually be forced to take drastic measures when things go out of hand. As for order, you will have to come back to it. For you and for others. This is the oil that will keep your machine running smoothly. Without this grease, your machine will creak, rust, start to run down and wear out before its time.


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