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Life’s mistakes

April 21, 2015

I’m sure you have that baggage you wished you never had! Those humiliations, embarrassments, tight corners, extreme fears and anxieties. And you invariably looked at them as the mistakes that must never have been. Given a chance you would still opt to do without them. You felt life dealt you those unreasonable blows and you deserved better. But you must consider taking a second look at them. See how the years have helped you to grow around those disasters. See how you were initiated into struggles for which finally after several years you’d find solutions! See how privileged you were to have those string of hassles that moved you to blue untouched waters, while others who had none of that continued to fight to make it in an ocean red as blood. See how your learning curve did right when the problem began. You will be grateful for the disasters, if you take a deeper look at them.

It’s only when you’re caught in a war zone you will learn to survive. Survive without food, water, shelter, share the struggle with a fellow prisoner, love and give to another more needy than you. And when help comes, life will be all the sweeter.


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