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Teach them perspective

March 27, 2015

Yeah, we needn’t crowd tender minds, and there’s a lot of time for them to pick up things along the way. But no one lost who taught a kid early. A kid will still have to eventually pick it up. Time lost without knowing something was no gain and still only lost time. Who knows how they might benefit from knowing it? Teach them to expect what comes in cycles: that you must wake up each morning and still have to go to school and it is better to accept it than resist it. Teach them that they can have a blast for two months and then school will resume again. Teach them why they sing the National Anthem. Teach them why they take the pledge. Teach them why they learn their subjects. Teach them what learning a language can do to them. Teach them why we have a sports period at school. Teach them to see. Like new cars, bikes. To learn to classify and categorize. Teach them to notice what goes on around them. Teach them how things came about. And you don’t have to try too hard at all to force them to learn. It’s that much load off your back. It’s that much a grander life for that kid. But first, do you have perspective?


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