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Being meticulous or obsessed

February 15, 2015

They share a lot in common, but there are differences. Take washing hands for e.g. You wash your hands before washing your face, you wash after you sweep, you wash before rinsing the bucket and after, you wash the cloth a few times while dusting surfaces, you wash before you eat…Coz, to not do that would be to pollute, to be ritually unclean. But there are clear advantages with this. You keep out needless acne, you expose yourself to less germs, the water you clean yourself with is clean, dust doesn’t get rubbed off from one surface to the next, you don’t have to take needless trips to the doctor or expose your body to medicinal chemicals, or pay heavily at hospitals. But it does wear you out to stay that clean. (But I wonder how one can expect a maid, who lives her life doing that kind of thing a good part of her day, to be that meticulous…Maybe that is why their hands have calluses frequently). Not so with an obsessive compulsive disorder. You wash your hands without a reason. To no profitable end. And you end up hurting yourself.


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