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The power of bias

January 29, 2015

The most likely candidates to figure the Messiah, the ones with the shortest reach, the most informed and educated about the matter missed it. On the contrary, the least likely, the most distant from the coming miracle and the least informed about the matter grasped the wonder. It was the Pharisees versus all the rejects: gentiles, Samaritans, ‘sinners,’ tax collectors, prostitutes. This must have been because of the bias of those who felt superior. They had it all worked out, they had their reasons, they had a fool proof system that couldn’t go wrong. For e.g. to them, morality (even here I suspect it was probably raw morality) was important, and hence they foolishly concluded it was everything, but it wasn’t. But Jesus l guess let them bear the weight of their own bias. And it killed them.


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  1. Reuben Arulanandam permalink

    Excellent Jabez. The Eternal Word has gifted you much with words. Please write more.


    • Thank you so much Anna…Thanks for your word of encouragement. From Him we’ve received all, to Him be all glory.

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