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A curt citizen of heaven!

January 27, 2015

We typically assume that those in heaven must ooze with kindness, goodness and mercy. The Bible really doesn’t seem to endorse that. Father Abraham heard the most pitiable cry for mercy from hell: have pity on me, dip a finger in water and cool my tongue. He responds to the tune of: you are getting your just deserts besides there is no way I can fix your problem. Father Abe hears another plea to help warn the rich man’s five other brothers from heading to hell. He brushes it aside with: there are others to take care of that. The rich man makes one last case: surely they will listen if one from the dead goes to them. Father Abraham replies unmoved: if they can’t walk in the little light they have, no great light will do them any good. A telling correction to our warped ideas of heaven.


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