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What a strange strategy!

January 20, 2015

If I were to hit upon a plan to conquer the world, I’d sit long and think hard. Every move I make will be cleverly planned. I might certainly device a plan that will fairly be ratified by others as worthy of making a global impact, as being seminal, decisive. Everyone these days who wants to reach the grassroots don’t start from there, they start from the highest pinnacles and try to trickle their way down. But who with such a comprehensive vision would stray by the seashore and win simple fisher folk? Who would really, truly think that global and start that local? Who would think of the world and start with one man? As in not to swiftly convert a man into a mob, but to really truly invest in him so fully and exhaustively? And even believe that that man might ONE FINE DAY make that remote dream come true? Only Jesus.


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