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What if the grapes were really sour?!?

December 30, 2014

You may sometimes feel like the fox having dreamt about that bunch of grapes. And then as the fable goes, you never got it. And then you called that a useless bunch.

Now think about this: If that bunch was really good and you called it ‘bad,’ you’d be just as silly as the fox. But what if the bunch WAS really sour? You would have just escaped all the trouble! Either by chance or by wise calculation.

But how by wise calculation, if you couldn’t eat them right then? For if you did try hard, in so trying you may have gone down another road altogether…I mean the wrong road, the sour road. Had you worked so hard for a sour bunch of grapes you would be a foolish fox. And if you had to leave it for a better one, you would still be branded a silly fox.

Sometimes you just have to trust your circumstances. And I will say the God of the circumstances. Do your best and leave the rest. What is of the Lord will come to you, what is not of Him will go, and it will be best that it did. Eventually you will know that the wise calculations were in place.


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