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Prophets, True and False

December 19, 2014

It is interesting how always there is that fight between a true prophet and one false. Though each is pretty discernible from their attitudes, their motives (most often they come through), if one were to bring it down to writing, such as recorded charges, it might be harder to pin down the fake one. But does that make him a legitimate one? Not at all. Even if he could fairly argue a case for legitimacy, still he would only be fake. Don’t get me wrong: a counterfeit may look a lot like the real, but there will always be clues. It takes time, but there will always be proof.

And likewise, a true prophet is one who was pretty objective about the realities around him. He narrates the tradition of truth. He now sells it because he once bought it. So what he offers becomes authentic. Not so with a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He sold himself to a lie and now he has nothing worthy to offer. He only sells lies.

Our discernment must become like instinct. We should sharpen our skill to sense. We must not be deceived.


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