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The Only Cure for Ebola

September 5, 2014

The only cure for this deadly disease lies in the hands of the people themselves.

It would be foolish to be looking for foreign aid given the current world economic state. It is best for those West African nations to tactfully enlist their people in this war against this epidemic. The people must be cleverly helped to understand the seriousness of the circumstance, e.g. of how their nations are being isolated, shutting out aid, and how this is causing food shortage among a host of other problems. They must understand that only if they themselves act, these problems will decrease faster and disappear. They need to be helped to understand how they must identify this sickness and take swift action. They must be helped to understand that by not touching Ebola patients/corpses they are doing great good to those alive and dead. They must be taught how to handle an infected person in case of an emergency. This would only be the best way to handle this circumstance. This would be the cheapest  way to do it too. If the people grasp the circumstance, then they will definitely join hands to fight the sickness and relief will come a lot faster.

I would think this could be done through special relays on national television. Mainly media must be used very widely and very consistently. This message needs to communicated in the context of great seriousness but great hope as well. It would be good to use a respected, friendly and wise person to anchor this relay.


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