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Heights of Hypocrisy

July 26, 2014

They were a sight to see. It was like solemnity taking a stroll. Their long robes flowed like the grace of God in heaven. As they floated around at the marketplace, heads bowed in quiet awe, a confident acknowledgement welcoming the homage.

They streamed into the crowded synagogues and took the seats that were out of reach from the common man. What respect it must have evoked!

If they walked into a banquet, a flurry was made before they took their honoured seats at the forefront.

And when (not if) they prayed, (for they prayed often), how long, incessant and tedious a prayer it was! It always appeared satisfactory for it was long enough to reach the distant heavens while still on the lips of the one praying.

And God who walked around snarled: Such men will be punished most severely.

For they had been devouring widows’ houses.

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