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They couldn’t even catch Him

July 8, 2014

They couldn’t even convict Jesus after their elaborate plots. They waited all day to press sensible charges against Jesus and also prove it. How ridiculous, to hold up someone and wait for some worthy charge against him! Eventually they made a way through one: blasphemy that he claimed to be the Son of God, now that would mean claiming to be God Himself! Still they couldn’t prove him. So Jesus had to set himself up against himself to make it happen. The moment he said what they wanted, it was all over. Even now they didn’t give Him a chance to defend Himself, after all He had all these days. But they were open for him to stun the hell out of them. Like tell them who hit him with his eyes blindfolded. Maybe they would have left him if he did. But he wasn’t going to contend with them.

So now Pilate came along. Neither could he prove a single charge. So he handed Jesus over to be mauled and believed his hands were unstained with blood. He washed them. He freed Barabbas instead of Jesus. And Jesus was led away to be crucified.

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