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First the camels, then the gnats

July 8, 2014

If Jesus was ever mad it was now. Everything befitting sanity had been trashed. Logic, priorities, the spirit behind it all, everything. Here were teachers who had designed a filter that could catch the smallest gnats. The only trouble was that some of what seeped through were big as camels! What a warped system to sell! And what mockery!

Their minds had now been so enamored by the gold that they lost all value for the temple. Likewise the gifts more than the altar. So they told the people, ‘swear not by the temple or the altar, but by the gold and gifts that come to it’. The objects of priority, sanctity and sacredness had now clearly changed. Money had gripped their minds totally.

How could they forget the obvious? Don’t they know that it’s the temple that makes the gold sacred; and the altar, the gift?

Forget it. What about justice, mercy and faithfulness?

Don’t bother, but we are giving God our ration of pepper, garlic, ginger…Oops! It was actually mint, dill and cumin. You know these are not the average kitchen condiments, these are expensive spices! Whatever! God couldn’t care less about these little gnats being carefully filtered out when the biggest camels ‘justice’, ‘mercy’ and ‘faithfulness’ were making it through down the drain.

God looks at our hearts. We need to have it in this order: first the camels, then the gnats.

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