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What I always feared

April 13, 2014

Fiction as well as fact have consistently feared a scenario where all of the world is controlled by one, and that with the touch of buttons. That was why many resented computers and plastic cards. The fear was real and pervasive. But in the name of ease, safety and countless other benefits much of the world has been brought under a few buttons. I knew such fears were real, but now I have seen it for myself.

I have been watching the tenor of news headlines online and off line. The neutrality that seemed like a given (or at least a manageable lack of neutrality!) a good 15 years ago has today vanished into thin air. Irresponsibility has taken over total control. An electronic giant that has the world under its thumb seems to throw up pictures and text that it has decided aforehand (they harp on organic searches which now seems a clever deception). It certainly has its heroes, superheroes and villains.

And I can’t blame them. They offer some services, so we must live with their nonsense.

An easily controlled system can mean great good, but it can mean the biggest disaster if the controls are out for sale. And this doesn’t apply just to nuclear weapons.

Humans have always been working towards progress. But make no mistake, coupled with irresponsibility it will only turn out this way: regress.

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