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I don’t steal but…

April 9, 2014

These words might well apply to Modi, one of today’s prominent Prime Ministerial candidates. Yeah he’s probably not hoarded money in his private accounts with public money, but is that to be taken to mean he is uncorrupt?

One must pause to think why he has opted a near ascetic lifestyle, probably only thin ties binding him to his family. A frugal lifestyle is good. Sacrificing one’s family for larger good is appreciable. But only if it leads to a goal that is genuinely productive. If it is ethical, it will naturally appeal to humanity as a whole. It won’t evoke trouble and fear in the hearts of some leaving others to unduly benefit out of the former’s misery.

In today’s world, the biggest elephants sit unacknowledged in the room. Gujarat is one of them. A festering sore that decorates incorruptible Modi.

The Modi wave has left me appalled. Possibly a trickery of today’s media. And if it’s a hoax, its shame will be exposed. And once it is, hopefully no one will waste their time harping on a tale that wasted everybody’s time. And if it was real, God save my country!

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