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The connect

March 17, 2014

Sometimes you express yourself in words, spoken or written. And they gush from your heart: a nugget of wisdom gleaned, a bit of chaos opened up for clarity, a mystery laid out for acknowledgement or one of a myriad ways life is experienced, leaving an irrepressible desire to share it. That’s when you’re looking for the connect. Sometimes you can see that distant person who read your loaded stuff drop it back and walk off, as if they got up and walked away while you were still speaking on stage.

However, it is incredibly satisfying to know when someone actually got it. To know that you communicated. The connect happened. Not that there always ought to be someone to connect with you shortly after you write (probably never! 😀 ). Expression carries a satisfaction of its own. Just that a connect is pretty welcome as a response.

However, a connect is where the truth of experiences add up, the truth in communication adds up, and there is a depth in communication. When someone reads a bunch of words, their own experiences play a background music that brings printed words to life, spoken words become an echo of what another has somehow come to know and discern.

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