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And the winner is…

March 17, 2014

Fake, artificial, synthetic!

We are getting used to the unnatural arrangements of life. We have wanted quick and easy solutions which are cut and dried that don’t take time, don’t take waiting. Though our sights are set higher, we make do with less because it serves the purpose. Because it is even unthinkable to hold on for the long haul. And that’s exactly how history has panned out all these years and maybe will in the days to come.

We want the honest man, but the crook has the workable plan. We want the natural, but synthetic is easy. The honest one has the questions, the crook the answers. The natural process takes waiting, the unnatural delivers instantly. After all the experience is similar though not the same.

The artificial wins! The fake wins! Any surprise?

  1. i really liked this post.

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