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Defensive Jesus

March 6, 2014

This question did occur to me: why did Jesus pick up on the least significant and most problematic of all comments that the people made?

After all it was an epic moment. He was the Savior of all the world, who’d come as a man setting aside his deity, who’d remained hidden away for 30 years and finally only now was about to be discovered after a fiery talk when all the people spontaneously erupted over the gracious words that spilled from his blessed lips! All spoke well of him and were amazed it even says!

And then came that wee bit of poison. Like that bit of sour pickle in the corner of a grand Indian wedding dinner spread. Isn’t this Joseph’s son?

If I were Jesus I would have ignored that silly comment and surfed the wave, I would have been busy hitching my wagon to that lofty star that finally came my way.

But Jesus? He latched on to that handful of thoughtless words and unsheathed a sword. He spilled some caustic vitriol on them cursing even their forefathers. The people couldn’t answer him, couldn’t stand him, so they drove him en masse. Where? To the brow of a hill, to throw him down the cliff.

Did he have to be that defensive? I think it was spontaneous. He appreciated it that they discerned the wisdom of His words. But they couldn’t get past that. Even to discern His greatness, let alone change themselves. They were a people to whom wisdom was a mere curiosity. And he got tired.


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