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Whom are the Jews waiting for? – 3

February 21, 2014

A Melchizedek.

After the mysterious one of old. One about whom there is more mystery than light. However, whose only familiar streak outshines the best of expectations, rendering the lingering mystery useless.

He is what his name means: King of Righteousness. Maybe he couldn’t tolerate wickedness and deception in any form. Leaving no trace about where he came from or where he went, he combined the two into one: royalty and priesthood. Two roles that were typically poles apart. And so he ruled from Jerusalem where God would one day choose ‘to put His Name forever’. Is there any surprise?

Even Abraham, the critical Patriarch of the Jews, bowed his head to him. And when he bowed, the unchallenged Levitical priesthood-to-come from his loins bowed too.

So was his greatness that David’s promised heir was prophesied to be of this order.

And so they wait.

For the one who as a king in judging seeks righteousness; and as a priest represents his fellow humankind as a vessel pleasing to God.

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