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January 3, 2014

Acceptance is critical for a successful life. And it works for any stage of life. It must. Here’s where it begins:

Don’t deny you have a problem:

This presupposes a definition to the problem. Often, it is not easy for one to admit that one does not measure up against the standard. And if ever we do this exercise, we give ourselves concessions that might make things appear ok for a while but the effects always show up. And sometimes even when we are faced with all the facts up front, we just don’t want to believe it. We believe there must yet be a way around it all. Still worse is to not even approach this chaos and carry on as if nothing’s wrong. We delay. We try just about anything.

Don’t belittle your problem:

One might seldom dare to admit there’s a problem. If we manage this, comes the most likely drama: making a molehill out of the mountain. We refuse to see the nasty landscape of the problem. How huge our mountains are, and how small our strength really is. Just because we’re still at the first step and two thousand still remain, we’d rather believe an illusion. We gotta be willing to see the problem for what it is.

Accept only THE solution:

It is yet possible to accept the problem, and also see it for all its magnitude but remain unwilling to accept the solution. Now if one is here, it’s a great step ahead, a vast step ahead! But it’s like laboriously gathering data for a research find but leaving it all unprocessed!! Just because it’s hard!!…So there you go, unless you’re willing to do the dirty work that’s time consuming, frustrating, meticulous, rigorous, unrelenting….you’re never really gona win it up! So accept the solution.

Once you’ve done all the accepting there is, you’re ready for this: Victory to meet you at every step.

You become unstoppable. Unrestrained. Everything you touch will become gold.


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  1. No-name permalink

    I was on the lookout for fresh poems from you Jabez at the Caferati….thankfully, I found your blog. Good going mate! ~ Sara

    • So sweet of you to stop by and share your appreciation Sara! Thanks 🙂 By the way I tried looking you up on caferati…need your right profile name I guess…

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